Integrated Project


Our objective is to work through the Integrated Project Delivery contractual arrangement. This concept is based on the principles proposed by the Lean Construction Institute and its main objective is to optimize the value of a project as a whole.

Under this scheme we achieve the following objectives for the project:

  • Reduction of variability in projects and risk mitigation.
  • Support in logistics and cost estimation from early design stages, with the goal of reaching a cost and construction deadline predefined by the owner.
  • Early purchases of long lead items.
  • Significant reduction in the total project schedule.
  • Under this scheme, there should be no change orders as long as there are not scope variations.



We adapt to the needs of our customers, so when it is not possible to establish a fixed amount for the project we can negotiate this contractual option in which the client reimburses the cost of the work plus a fee for the construction service.


& Build

When the client requires a turnkey solution, we are willing to establish the necessary alliances with first class design companies that allow us to offer a complete service.



We assure our clients the final price of their project through a detailed budget, in strict compliance with the plans, specifications and other contractual documents supplied



We have qualified personnel to document, implement and supervise compliance with the requirements of LEED credits that are considered the responsibility of the general contractor. We also offer feasibility analysis in the early stages of the project regarding the availability of resources, costs and effects on the schedule that these may have.