Mar a mar – El Bosque


El Bosque


Joaristi & Barascout Arquitectura


Mar a Mar del Cabo S.A.


15 months


1650 m2



  • As highlights I can mention the following:
    • Work successfully in extreme conditions regarding the topography and climate of Santa Teresa.
    • Good resource management and generation of savings vs. original budget.
    • Flexibility and adjustment to our needs and those of our clients.
    • Happy customers with their homes and us with the professional work of CRA.
    • Excellent teamwork with management, marAmar partners and the construction form.
    • Delivery of the works in a timely manner.
    • Collaboration of CRA in all our Marketing actions.
    Once the houses were finished, we had few cases where we had to apply the CRA guarantee and all the cases were details of terminations, nothing significant and they have been fixed as soon as possible. For these reasons, we highly recommend the construction company Rodrigo Altmann with whom we continue to develop other projects.
    María Julia Mar a Mar del Cabo S.A. | General Manager
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